Disaster Prep – Updated 5/27/2016
(Deadly superbug arrives in US)


Disaster can result from any number of causes. Communities better prepared will have greater survival, lower casualties, and able to assist other communities. In this day and age, we are connected to world and national events as never before. The effects of a disaster in one community can be felt in many others depending on the severity of the cause. For example, a hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear meltdown in one city would affect many other cities. Unprepared neighbors become a threat during disaster survival.  Looters take what they can get.

9/26/15 - It said that terrorist organizations had in the past planned attacks to coincide with significant dates, but gave no details. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/09/25/us-australia-embassies-warn-malaysia-terror-threat/

5/27/16 – Well, it took 2 ½ years, but here it is … the antibiotic-resistant superbug. Colistin is one of the last efficacious antibiotics for the treatment of highly resistant bacteria. The emergence of a transferable gene that confers resistance to this vital antibiotic is extremely disturbing. Understand the implications. The resistant bacteria transfers its resistance to new bacteria. How many deaths is the threshold for panic, when law and order collapse? How fast will it happen? Infection will be greatest in areas of high population density where disease is rapidly spread. http://mvhs.shodor.org/mvhsproj/epidemic/epidemic.html

11/21/13 - Antibiotic-resistant 'Superbugs' Grave Threat 'In Very Near Future'  

9/9/13 - http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/08/california-city-welcomes-doomsday-bunkers-amid-concerns-over-safety-use/ 

3/30/13 - NM Baptists receive disaster relief training.  Greg Meyers, cabinet secretary for NM Dept of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, attended the training.  "It is essential that NM Baptist disaster relief develop the leadership skills needed to efficiently and effectively manage the increasing size and complexity of the disasters we are facing." - Ira Shelton, NMBDR coordinator

3/2/13 - What happens when cities go bankrupt?  The state takes over.  Eventually, the state owns all the cities.  Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced Friday that the state will take over the operations of Detroit's city government due to its long-standing financial problems. The takeover is short of a formal bankruptcy, but it will include appointing an emergency manager who would have many of the same powers as a bankruptcy judge. It could mean throwing out contracts with public employee unions and vendors that the city can't afford, and could lead to further cutbacks in already depleted city services. http://money.cnn.com/2013/03/01/news/economy/detroit-takeover/ 

4/3/13 - Stockton CA is now officially bankrupt.  What does that mean?  Keep an eye on Stockton for a portent of things to come.

7/18/13 - Detroit files for largest municipal bankruptcy in US history

Lessons in Disaster Tech - Micro-grids kept small pools of electricity on in New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.  After Hurricane Sandy, 20% of cell towers across ten states failed, leaving thousands of customers unable to make cell phone calls for days.  Next time, says the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), floating wireless antennas from balloons or drones might be used to restore communications after a disaster.  Although wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon have never used such technology, the military has been using it to create communications networks in remote areas for years.  

History Channel - The Last Days on Earth - 7 Deadliest Threats - 1.5 hrs
- solar radiation - gamma ray bursts


2/15/13 - A meteorite exploded over central Russia on Friday, injuring some 1,000 and leaving many buildings badly damaged. As authorities work to treat the victims and repair the damage, people who witnessed the explosion have uploaded video and photos to the Web. No fatalities have been reported. Reportedly not related to the asteroid, the meteor was unpredicted. Meteor Strikes Russia While Asteroid Misses Earth - A meteor crashed into a community in Russia’s Ural mountains earlier today, injuring at least 950 people, according to the BBC. The meteor didn’t strike the community directly – it landed in a nearby lake – but the shockwave itself caused damaged to buildings and smashed windows. Most of the people affected suffered only cuts and bruises, though about 46 are still hospitalized. No deaths have been reported. 

2/11/13 - THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) America's future as debt rises - Police say they now arrest an average of four metal thieves every day, compared to a few cases every month before the crisis started in late 2009. They are accused of stealing industrial cable, power-line transformers and other metal objects — triggering blackouts and massive train delays. The profile of the metal thief is also changing, authorities say, from gypsies and immigrants living on the margins of society to mainstream Greeks who have fallen on hard times.

2/8/13 - BOSTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - A blizzard blew into the northeastern United States on Friday, cutting short the workweek for millions who feared being stranded as state officials ordered roads closed ahead of what forecasters said could be record-setting snowfall. Even in its early stages, the storm created some panic. Drivers lined up at gas stations to top off their tanks, grocery stores were swamped as shoppers stocked up on bread and milk, and travelers were forced to confront flight delays and cancellations. Motorists, mindful of the severe fuel disruptions after Sandy, rushed to buy gasoline, leading to shortages in New York City. A Reuters photographer reported at least three service stations had run out of gas in the borough of Queens on Friday morning, with long lines formed at others.

Global Trends 2012 (Dec 2012), published by the National Intelligence Council, paints the picture of a world in which the U.S. is no longer the unquestionably dominant global player; individuals and small groups may carry out devastating cyber or bioterror attacks; and food and water may be running short in some places.

1/25/13 - A prominent British health official has declared the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs so grave a threat that the world is now facing an "apocalyptic scenario" in which people die of routine infections. Dame Sally Davies, the U.K.'s chief medical officer (a role equivalent to the U.S. surgeon general), warned Parliament that contagious antibiotic-resistant disease is an imminent crisis and should be included on the government's official register of possible national emergencies, right next to terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

11/14/12 - Biohazard response exercise conducted on Kirtland AFB.

The number of $100 bills printed last year suddenly spiked - but some of [this new demand for $100 bills] is also due to hoarding or the fact that more people than ever, oddly enough, are losing faith in government and/or the economy and are shunning the surety of traditional investments. It's a phenomenon that's led to a huge increase in demand for gold and other precious metals, but also for $100 bills.

What damage would an EMP airburst do to electronics?  What can be done to protect electronics against EMP damage?

1/9/13 - New strain of norovirus spreads around the world.  Norovirus causes 21 million illnesses a year, with 70,000 cases requiring hospitalization and around 800 ending in death.  Ian Goodfellow, a scientist who has studied norovirus for ten years, describes it as "the Ferrari of the virus world" and "one of the most infectious viruses of man."  Survivable now, but mutations or genetic engineering (bio-terrorism) could be catastrophic.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


How To Prepare For The Difficult Years Ahead


"20 Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses And The Next Great Depression Begins", - 20 of the things that you would need in the event of a major disaster, a national emergency or a total economic collapse.  These are things that you are going to want to make sure that you have ready right now, because after the crisis begins it may be too late to prepare....

#1) Storable Food

#2) Clean Water

#3) Shelter

#4) Warm Clothing

#5) An Axe

#6) Lighters Or Matches

#7) Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes

#8) A Flashlight And/Or Lantern

#9) A Radio

#10) Communication Equipment

#11) A Swiss Army Knife

#12) Personal Hygiene Items

#13) A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies

#14) Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)

#15) A Sewing Kit

#16) Self-Defense Equipment

#17) A Compass

#18) A Hiking Backpack

#19) A Community

#20) A Backup Plan


Prepare your heart, soul, mind, and body right now for what is coming. 
For those that are cowardly the years ahead will be a total nightmare,
but for those that overcome the fear the years ahead have the potential
to be a great adventure.  Convince your neighbors to prepare. 
Unprepared neighbors are a threat and burden to the community.